With nearly a decade of experience both behind the decks and in the studio, Dubai-based Egyptian artist Omar Fayyad has had his fair share of working dance floors around the Middle East and beyond, but his original music on the other hand rarely left his home studio with the exception of a few white-label releases on his Soundcloud in the past few years.

Luckily Fayyad’s first signed release in a while is finally here through the UAE’s Kitchen Sync imprint in the form of his three-track collection minimal tool EP - After Hours In. This EP comes as part of the labels ‘After Hours In’ series where the tracks are thematically named after obscure cities around the world that are least associated with club culture.

Sonically, the release features stripped down arrangements, minimal percussive textures and sustained ethereal pads, all which draw on the Romanian-minimal school of sound as its main inspiration. All three tracks borrow a lot from each other with hardest-hitting cut being ‘Dubbo’ a hypnotic tool that boasts deep, well rounded kicks and satisfying sub-bass leaving it a powerful cut that can be utilized around a set’s peak time.

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