Many artists refuse to abide by the monumental acceleration of our world into purely digital music, deciding that for them art lies in more grounded forms of music. There are a rising number of young musicians who draw their influences from traditional music, dancing around set forms to deliver a fresh outcome. For example, Dokkan, the Egyptian band that have mixed the traditional instrument oud with electric and bass guitars for their take on "contemporary Egyptian music." Alexandria-based Sorour Project is our latest discovery that falls into this niche. 
Sorour Project, previously Saksonia, is a collaboration between the lead vocalist, Mohamed Sorour, and other musicians. Due to his oriental music background and his traditional vocal abilities, Mohamed Sorour has taken traditional Sufi music as a reference, and mixed it with modern rock instruments, resulting in a Sufi/rock fusion that also flirts with jazz. The product aids his claim that Alexandria has some of the best musicians.

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