Celebrating its fourth anniversary, Theater of Dreams threw a three-day festival in Egypt’s getaway holy land, Nuweiba. The place that is closest to what heaven would look like. It was quite a unique experience to party for three days between the sea and the mountains. Some of the local finest disc jockeys that included A-Squared, A.Salah, Abou Samra, Aly B, Baher, Carlos, Fayek, Hazem, Jimmy, Karim Yousry, Marc Wahba, Misty, Ouzo, Sebzz, and Shiha, sucked the crowd into an auditory trip with sonic escapades from old school classic house to swirly hypnotizing techno. The visual element was also present in the festival to complement the experience, as Pan Gaia made sure to install their colorful decoration. This might be Mahmoud Zidan’s (TOD founder) finest work yet, and we’re excited to see what he has in store. 
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