For MoGuindy, it all started three years ago, when the Cairo-based producer took an EPIC 101 music production course in his native Egypt – and he hasn’t looked back. Fast forward to 2018 and he has announced his first signed release, Dance & Cry. Released on up-and-coming German label, Too Tough 4 Radio, the five-track EP is anchored by aural synth chords, crushed hi-hats, pulsating kick drums and placid vocals, making for an intriguing debut from the Egyptian. 

At first, electronic music was nothing more than a hobby for the producer. That changed, however, when he was introduced to lo-fi house. Having not leaned towards any specific sound before, he fell in love with the genre straight away. “It felt more natural than other electronic genres, setting a nostalgic theme with the pads, chords and crust,” he told SceneNoise. “Then beating them up with the kicks and the rest of the over saturated drum rack just made it perfect.”

Moreover, the electronic-music-enthusiast enjoys the accessibility of the genre to anyone who wants to produce it. While you often need to invest in expensive equipment and software to get started and get your music out there, he believes that this is not the case when it comes to lo-fi house. “All you need is a laptop, a pair of headphones and a good ear to get started."

After spending the last year working on crafting his  lo-fi sound, being tuned into the online electronic music community and keeping an eye on what’s happening in the scene, his first release came out just six months after. “The thing about the genre is also that it’s easy to be heard. You don’t need a good reputation or previous releases to be taken by labels, you just need good music.” 

After living in Brussels for the past two years, MoGuindy is now back in Cairo and ready to see what the city and the scene holds for him and his musical journey. 

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