The latest release from the Casablanca-based label, Casa Voyager, has come in the form of a four-track mash-up by Iraq-born, Detroit-raised Julian Shamou, aka Detroit's Filthiest (previously known as DJ Nasty, 313 Bass Mechanics, and Digitek). This most recent contribution by Detroit's Filthiest, titled "Premium Content", is the third in a global series created by Casa Voyager-founder Driss Bennis, titled "Trans World Railways."The lush house and grubby garage, which features fat and funky basslines, intermittent rapid breakbeat and downright groove, follows from Detroit's Filthiest's previous two mash-ups on Trans World Railways, "Private Stock" and "Prime Cuts". Shamou’s undisguised hip hop influence is picked up on in the getto-tech "Prime Cuts", meanwhile "Private Stock" has a techno base inlaid with elements of funk. All three of his compilations are banging epitomes of '90s Detroit dance music.The Trans World Railways series, which comprises sounds from non-Moroccan artists, is Casa Voyager’s latest creative initiative to achieve an ambitious, yet promising project. Since its establishment in 2012, the label’s crew - comprising Driss Bennis (aka OCB/DJ Booth), Jonas Bengio, Viewtiful Joe, Moira Rosaburnetto, Malik, Jennis and Polyswtich -  have sought to break down the barriers created by what Bennis terms the "cultural colonialism dynamic." Indeed, the label’s creation was spurred on by the lack of quality, Arab record labels and, as a consequence, Arab artists’ continued dependence on western imprints. Their method? Leveraging their connections with the wider music scene to create a cultural exchange in the form of a fresh fusion between Moroccan, homegrown beats and electronic dance music.Follow Detroit's Filthiest on Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud.

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