Earlier this year, the Mounirat El Fan competition hosted by the French Institute in collaboration with Paris venue FGO Barbara, was in large part a way to bring new artists to the Fête de la Musique stage. Cairo local Ali Baghdady was one of these winners, performed as part of the Fête on June 22nd at Al-Azhar park, after doing a workshop with Cairo legend, Fathy Salama. 
This performance was a major milestone for Baghdady's career, which previously comprised of a few local performances and releases on SoundCloud - it was certainly the largest audience he has performed for. A unique figure among the Cairo music scene, Baghdady takes his oud and passes it through effects, mixed with electronic beats and gruff vocals; it is his own experimental take on Egyptian composition. Here is a look at his performance at the Fête de la Musique. 

This coming October, Baghdady will go to Paris alongside co-winner Shereen Abdo for a Mounirat El Fan residency, followed by a performance at FGO Barbara. 

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