XP Music Futures, part of the MDLBEAST Foundation, through various groundbreaking initiatives is driving the evolution of the MENA music industry - fostering talent, promoting sustainability and embracing innovation. Here’s a closer look at these key initiatives…

HUNNA Initiative | Connecting Women in Music

The HUNNA initiative is a female-focused program and community aimed at supporting and mentoring women in the music industry. It provides a platform for emerging female artists and music professionals to connect, collaborate, and develop their skills through mentorships with established women in the industry, workshops, community gatherings, and events. The initiative focuses on creating a more inclusive environment by disrupting outdated and unequal systems​.

Applications for 2024 mentoring program have now closed. For more information and updates, visit the XP Music Futures website.

XPERFORM Competition | Showcasing Vocal Talent

XPERFORM is a singing contest that provides vocalists from across the region with the chance to showcase their talents. Participants compete for the opportunity to work with MDLBEAST Records, offering significant exposure and career development. The competition emphasizes star quality, charisma and vocal prowess​. Applications are now open through the XP Music Futures website until June 9th.

Storm Shaker | DJ Competition

The Storm Shaker initiative gives up-and-coming DJs the chance to compete for a spot in the lineup of the region’s largest music festival, Soundstorm. This competition provides a platform for emerging DJs to demonstrate their skills and gain significant exposure at a major event​ Apply through the XP website. The judging criteria focus on technical skill, mixing prowess, and musicality. The winner, chosen by a panel of judges at XP Music Futures 2024. Artist Management Bootcamp | Developing Music Managers

The Artist Management Bootcamp is an intensive two-week program designed to kick-start careers in music management. It offers participants the skills and knowledge needed to manage artists effectively, preparing them for success in the music industry​. This program focuses on four key areas: contracts & negotiations, management fundamentals, branding & partnerships, and artist care & support. Training dates are yet to be determined, but you can check the XP Music Futures website for updates. 

Sound Futures | Supporting Music Entrepreneurs

Sound Futures is an incubation program that supports bright entrepreneurs in the music business and tech industry. This initiative aims to uplift the region’s music scene by fostering innovative ideas and providing the necessary resources for their development. Selected ventures will present to potential investors during Pitch Day at XP Music Futures Conference 2024. Application dates are to be announced soon.

XCHANGE | Workshops for Music Professionals

Xchange is a series of annual workshops hosted in four different cities each year, designed to harness the potential of MENA’s music scene. These workshops provide music professionals with opportunities to learn, network, and collaborate, fostering a vibrant and dynamic music community​. The insights of which can be found published in their annual ‘Xine’ print.

This edition will feature four workshops held across different cities including a recent edition in Kuwait, Tunisia (June) and other cities across the region yet to be announced.

For more information about these initiatives, visit XP Music Futures Initiatives.