In the vibrant intersection of culture, music, and nightlife that defines many cities in the Middle East and North Africa, a burgeoning crop of world-class clubbing venues is reshaping the region’s dance music scene. Amidst the complexities of social norms and regulations, these spaces are not just about entertainment; they're critical sanctuaries for creative expression, offering a haven where DJs and producers can hone their craft and showcase their talent.

From hosting parties atop Lebanon's majestic mountaintops to staging intimate techno raves within the ancient Roman caves of Jordan, discover SceneNoise's selection of the finest nightclub venues the MENA region has to offer…

Grand Factory, Lebanon

Since it first opened its doors in 2014, Grand Factory has become a veritable Beirut landmark. Founded by DJ and club owner Jade, alongside co-founder James Kairouz, Grand Factory was established within the premises of a mattress factory, which remains operational during daylight hours. Partygoers take a cargo elevator to the rooftop or wander into one of its two side rooms to dance to renowned artists like Sven Väth, Tale of Us, Stephan Bodzin, Black Coffee, Amelie Lens, and Honey Dijon. While these international artists have made their mark on the space over the past year, Grand Factory has also launched a new initiative to spotlight regional talent. They’ve undertaken efforts to address Lebanon's ongoing economic challenges through a committed humanitarian approach, supporting the community via various donation campaigns and making sure the venue remains accessible to all.

The Ballroom Blitz, Lebanon

Since it was founded in 2017 by Lebanese entrepreneur Joe Choucair and musical director Mo Choucair, The Ballroom Blitz quickly became a Beirut hotspot. Once an old textile factory near the Port of Beirut, the venue was renovated by Lebanese award-winning architect Paul Kaloustian and acoustic engineer Fouad Bechwati, and now boasts a circular acoustic tunnel creating a maze-like atmosphere as you’re led to one of several rooms each with their own musical flavour, from house music in The Lobby to experimental techno in the Gold Room. The Ballroom Blitz also focuses on nurturing regional talent more while introducing new sounds to the city's nightlife scene.

Cairo Jazz Club 610, Egypt

For over a decade, Cairo Jazz Club has reigned as Cairo's premier live music venue. Founded in 2001 by Akram Al Sharif, Ammar Dajani, and Alexander Riz, Cairo Jazz Club Agouza (the OG club) initially met the city's need for a cosy yet top-notch entertainment space, becoming a mainstream hotspot for a discerning clientele and hosting live music nearly every night for the next 23 years.

Today, CJC 610 - their branch in Giza’s Sheikh Zayed - cultivates a 700 capacity venue with a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere, ups spotlighting both local and global stars across genres in their lineups.

Helipad by Frozen Cherry, UAE

Taking cues from Beirut's iconic mountaintop Frozen Cherry nightclub, founders Elie Zouein and Nasri Choueiri partnered with UAE-based Unipod Hospitality to create Helipad in Dubai. By day, Helipad provides a laid-back lounge atmosphere, while on weekends, it transforms into a bustling clubbing hotspot, providing an engaging experience for partygoers. At the heart of Helipad's appeal is its eclectic music selection, curated by a blend of local artists and international DJs, covering genres from house to techno and hip-hop. Additionally, Helipad hosts a variety of themed party series including Hot Mess and Jewelry Box, whilst welcoming regional DJs like Tala, Kurls, Ronin and more.

Soho Garden, UAE

Inspired by London's Soho district and founded by hospitality tycoon John Saliba, Soho Garden encapsulates the bustling atmosphere of Dubai's downtown. Situated adjacent to the Meydan Racecourse, the large-scale venue offers a diverse array of dining and entertainment experiences within its space, including restaurants, bars, lounges and outdoor terraces. Known for its trendy ambiance and refined decor, Soho Garden hosts a range of live events, welcoming renowned artists such as Keinemusik, Solomun and Adriatique.

BSMNT The Club, Tunisia

The club has been founded by Fares Amara, Youssef Bouayed and Walid Triki (Founder of Fabrika) for music enthusiasts and partygoers seeking an alternative vibe. Hidden within the noise of a bustling city street, BSMNT The Club has carved out an intimate setting where guests can immerse themselves in cutting-edge sounds of house, acid techno, breakbeat and more. With its sophisticated sound system designed by Tunisian sound engineer Becher Ahmed, BSMNT The Club hosts an eclectic lineup of talented regional DJs such as DJ Tijazza, Ben Khlifa and Lamache, as well as international acts like Mind Against, Raresh, Ion Ludwig, Traumer and Maher Daniel.

HIDE, Qatar

Launched by nightlife mogul Rabih Mokbel and his event company Venture Lifestyle ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Doha’s HIDE is the first nightclub of its kind in an otherwise conservative Qatar. Boasting a big-room clubbing experience, high-quality sound and an impressive bar selection, HIDE regularly hosts international superstars from the global dance music circuit like Stephen Bozin, Moblack and Desiree.

BLOCK 7, Jordan

Located within a historic four-story building, Block 7 boasts a rich blend of heritage and contemporary culture. Founded by DJ and producer Hatem HR, each floor of this establishment is dedicated to a distinct concept with its layout, designed to be versatile and multi-faceted. On the ground floor, The Cellar Pub offers an extensive food and drink menu, accompanied by daily music programming. Ascending to the first floor, attendees encounter Garden by C.LING, a lush speak-easy bar providing delectable food and cocktails amidst funk and disco tunes. The pet-friendly outdoor terrace is a summer favourite, while C.LING Rooftop on the second floor hosts themed parties and live music events, showcasing a diverse range of entertainment.

For those seeking a more underground experience, Ambush Club awaits deep within Block 7. Nestled within a 2,000-year-old Roman cave, this club is dedicated to underground electronic music and house and is renowned for its immersive experiences. Lastly, The Studio serves as a space for DJing and music production, promoting artistic exploration and mentorship within the electronic music community.

Babouchka, Morocco

Nestled within the vibrant streets of Marrakech, Babouchka Nightclub stands as a pinnacle of Morocco’s nightlife scene. Led by Moroccan hospitality entrepreneur Bernard Fiesta, Babouchka is open seven days a week and seeks to consistently deliver a quintessential Moroccan club experience. Adorned with lavish décor and extravagant costumes, characterised by soft lighting, stained glass, intricately embroidered textiles, grand chandeliers and ornate carved woodwork, Babouchka hosts renowned international and local DJs, including Rammö from France, Claraa from Barcelona, and Naamane from Casablanca, amongst others.

Beast House, Saudi Arabia

Beast House, launched by MDLBEAST, is situated within the vibrant Jax District and serves as an innovative hub nurturing talents. The establishment boasts state-of-the-art amenities including a cutting-edge recording studio, production rooms, dedicated areas for workshops and music seminars, and a versatile stage accommodating concerts and musical events. Previous events saw the likes of local artists such as Mishal, Daddybisht, Vinyl Mode, Anmarz and Baloo play, as well as international acts like Justin Harris and TSHA.

As a haven for aspiring creatives and emerging music professionals, Beast House cultivates a space where like-minded individuals converge, whether they’re there to watch a show while sipping on mocktails, or working on their own acts through a deep lineup of enriching workshops.