A$AP Ferg, ‘Plain Jane’ 

A$AP Ferg’s ‘Plain Jane’ song was a favourite amongst Arabic-speaking hip-hop fans when the A$AP Mob member spat, “Ride with the mob/’HamduiAllah”. On the remix with Nicki Minaj, the Young Money rap queen added to the theme with, “Ride with Minaj/Mmm, mashAllah”.

Rakim, ‘Flow Forever’

The Muslim rapper invoked the name of God in his verse when he said “You ever witness rapport like this before/It’s cause y’all kiss the floor, say BismAllah”.

Ghostface Killah, ‘Underwater’

Also of the Muslim faith, Wu Tang clan member Ghostface Killah seemed to recite the adhan in his verse: “All I heard was Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar/BismAllah al-Rahman al-Raheem”.

Kendrick Lamar, ‘Blue Faces’ (‘Untitled Unmastered 08’)

Though the rapper isn’t Muslim, he has referred to God as Allah: “I paid my way through, praying to Allah/You played your way through, dealin’ with wifi”.

Wu Tang Clan, ‘A Better Tomorrow’ 

The Clan consists of Muslim members such as Raekwon and Ghostface Killah. In this song, the traditional Arabic greeting of Islam is shared: “Protect one another, that’s word to my brother Malcolm/Asalaam alaikum w alaikum al salaam”.

Drake, ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ 

Drake is known for being a ‘habibi’, i.e. part of the Ummah and Arab community due to his affiliation with many Arab friends. His most famous use of Arabic is in ‘Only You Freestyle’ with British artist Headie One, when he said “Arabic ting told me that I look like Youssef, look like Hamza/Habibti please, ana akeed, inti w ana ahla.” However in ‘Diplomatic Immunity’, Drake gets more religious with it: “Mirror mirror on the ceiling of my suite in the Royal Palace/ The TV playin’ Al Jazeera/InshAllah I hope the mission keeps on getting clearer”.

UGK, ‘Wavybone’ 

On ‘Wavybone’ with A$AP Rocky and Juicy JUGK spits “Say your prayer for a player/Amen, inshAllah”.