Following their previous collaborative release, ‘Eh El Nezam’ from last September, Egyptian duo Double Zuksh team up again with beloved rapper Arsenik in their latest trap track, ‘Ana W Zmely’.

The duo’s discography has seen them experimenting with multiple popular genres such as Shaabi and Mahraganat. In ‘Ana W Zmely’, the brothers continue to expand their sonic palette, and this time with an all-out trap banger.

A pitched-down music box kicks the track off, playing a looping melody, with a choppy clap coming in to set the tone for the rest of the instrumental. Producer ELKVP delivers a hard-hitting beat with full-sounding 808s, rolling hi-hats, and a melancholic melody. The beat is brought to life with the background vocals, singing distant chants that give the instrumental a grandiose character.

Zuksh, one-half of the Double Zuksh duo, comes in over the instrumental, delivering the first verse. His smooth vocal style and laid-back flows fit snugly into the beat's groove as he raps about having pride in his work. The rapper also discusses his gratitude as he speaks about remembering his roots and origins.

The other half of the duo, Young Zuksh, approaches his verse with a more melodic rap style, rapping in a meandering delivery with a slower flow. The rapper’s lyrics address his self-confidence and independence, stating that he paid attention to himself when his peers and contemporaries did not. Additionally, young Zuksh raps that he is not relying on anyone to help him accomplish his goals while rehashing themes of authenticity.

For the third verse, Arsenik’s deep register and syncopated flows contrast the duo’s more laid-back performances. The rapper effortlessly switches between flow and rhythmic ideas while mirroring Young Zuksh’s themes of originality. Arsenik also raps about his focus and determination in his career, reminding fans of his tenure in the industry and how he started rapping before the scene was centred around social media.

Filmed in an abandoned industrial space, the video was directed by Zeyad Abas and executively produced by Khaled Nojara. Double Zuksh and Arsenik take us through the desolate location that looks like it might have been a power plant of sorts. With broken glass panels, a bottomless well, and industrial imagery, ‘Ana W Zmely’s’ striking visual style surely enhances the impact of the track.