Since 2018, the regional music scene has seen an immense rise in artists, producers, singers, rappers, and DJs. While some boomed during that era, some got fixated in their positions, being unable to adapt to continuous music innovations, while others reinvented their own sound into something new. Fast forward to 2022, and we find ourselves overwhelmed by a gigantic catalogue of musicians in all sorts of genres and styles. Marking the bi-annual month of July, we’ve compiled a list of six projects which you might have missed during the first half of 2022.

Azul - Azul

Fresh Egyptian producer Azul shows a glimpse of his music writing skills, which took years in the making to establish his own sound. In his debut self-titled EP ‘Azul’, the young producer fuses psychedelia, mahraganat, UK-bass, hard drum, with a sprinkle of trap on top. The result? A five-track EP with original compositions, levitating these sounds to unimaginable heights.

Julmud - Tuqoos

After a few years in hiatus, Palestinian rapper and proucer Julmud makes his strong comeback on a highly-anticipated album titled ‘Tuqoos’. Julmoud consolidates experience gained over the years, resulting in an album with an experimental character that is easy to digest. Jelmoud retains his delicate style and his good choice of samples on which the album is based, at the same time declaring a new, more mature stage thanks to the dynamism of his tracks and their fullness.

Husayn - Sonseyat

One of the leading figures in the underground rap scene in Egypt. Husayn has been on his A-game this past year with a couple of EPs under his belt, and most recently hitting the one million mark on YouTube over his hit ‘Stop (Magnolia)’ with label-mate FL EX. Couple of months ago Husayn released his second EP ‘Sonseyat’, flaunting his edgy prowess, perfectly matching his lyrical direction and rugged vocal tones.

Saffwizz - Metro El Rap

Tunisia’s Saffwizz takes you on a rap trip with his latest album ‘Metro El Rap’, bringing together some of the linchpins on the Tunisian scene with the likes of Koast, 4lfa, Hamdi RydEr, Ta9chira, and more. Each of the collaborations serve their own sonic signatures, giving the album a diverse outlook with each input giving a different flavour to Saffwizz’s talented wit.

Hadi Zeidan - Meet Me In Beirut

Paris-based Lebanese experimentalist Hadi Zeidan flaunts his eclectic palette in his latest album ‘Meet Me In Beirut’, a bold statement which strays away from the norms of electronic music and typical compositions, offering a musical examination that boasts a plethora of experimental soundscapes, your favourite Arabian percussion and melodics in his own distinctive style, and a ton of 60s psychedelic influences.

Swani x Swish - Rahan

Egyptian rapper Swani collaborates with compatriot producer Swish on their debut EP ‘Rahan’, an affirmation from the duo that they belong among the talented stars of the Egyptian rap scene. Fusing a sorrowful direction with a hopeful arrangement, both talents offered their absolute best throughout the EP, showing a glimpse of the burgeoning duo’s full potential.