Hailing from Alexandria, Vancouver based post-hardcore metal band - Massive Scar Era (previously Mascara) release their first single in seven months, since their last one "رغم انفى (Despite My Will)." Comprised of founding members, vocalist/guitarist Cherine Amr and multi-instrumentalist Nancy Mounir, along with other members from Canada, the band has enjoyed a fairly lengthy career filled with highs and lows ranging from being accused of Satanism at home in 2005 to appearing in Ahmad Abdallah’s acclaimed indie movie ‘Microphone’ in 2010. 

The band’s profile skyrocketed over the years owing to their violin infused and Middle Eastern influenced approach, taking to heavy metal festivals around Europe, Scandinavia and North America, including two appearance at SXSW in 2013 and 2015. However, in 2017 they weren’t allowed entry into the U.S to perform at SXSW for a third time, as a consequence of Trump’s travel ban.

Even though Egypt was not on the banned countries list, they were were turned away at the U.S./Canadian border without a sufficient explanation. This incident serves as the main focus point of their new Color Blind EP. The first single from the EP carries the same name and focuses on addressing all kinds of discrimination whether it be ethnic, religious or gender oriented. The accompanying music video is made in collaboration with Nebula Company Theatre, creating a rarely seen hybrid of contemporary dance and heavy metal. The video also seems to draw inspiration from Steven Wilson’s video for "Song of I." 

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