One of the labels leading the minimal movement outside of Romania is Andrea Ferlin’s Sleep is Commercial and all its subdivisions like SIC X, SIC LTD, What Now Becomes and WNB LTD. Andrea is a Sardinia-born and raised, Berlin-based DJ and producer who’s managed to build an impressive career filled with releases on iconic labels and top-notch performances at the most sought after venues. 

Recently, artists from Sleep is Commercial, including Ferlin himself, started forming a connection with veteran Beirut DJ/producer Elias Merheb, aka 3LIAS, and his A Tribe Called Tribe collective and event series. 3LIAS invited Andrea over to Beirut for a set back in February and they ended up hitting the studio afterwards alongside rising Lebanese talent Julian Naman aka JØØL who was also on the event’s bill. 

What would emerge from that studio jam session would be the blueprint of a track called 'Beirut' that would see it released  a full eight months later under the moniker ‘No Longer Human’ which combines all three producers. The original mix of 'Beirut' goes a step beyond minimalism and morphs into this futuristic, spaced-out, jazzy piece that is by no means meant for dancing, but acts as its own auditory experience. 

The second rendition of the track is a remix by Aleandro, another side-project combining Andrea Ferlin and Alessio Mereu, also a Sardinian producer. This remix catapults ''Beirut' to its full dancefloor potential, while keeping it classy and purely minimal in terms of approach. The remix is beautifully structured around the original’s elements, yet at first glance could seem entirely unrelated. 

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