Bashar Suleiman has quickly established himself as one of the Middle East’s most adventurous and varied experimental producers, following previous releases on ANBA and HIZZ, as well as the single “Msll777” which dropped earlier this year on L.A’s Astral Plane Recordings.

Featuring production by Beirut-born, Berlin-based producer and sound artist, Khadije (who many will know by her other name, Thoom), and a Beirut-shot music video directed by Yusra Nazek, ‘3wwe’ marks the next step in a noticeable upwards trend for Suleiman, following the May release of his debut EP as Lil Asaf, Lal Bazam.

A sharp, metallic drone persists throughout the entirety of ‘3wwe’, creating a tangible sense of unease as Lil Asaf raps in his signature laid-back, almost depressive style. Khadije, who met Suleiman during a chance encounter, shines on this latest production, complementing Suleiman’s melancholic rhymes with almost military rolling snare hits, and a crunchy 808 bass certain to rattle any dusty soundsystem.

Though less than three minutes in length, ‘3wwe’ is an incredibly dense track, and is sure to keep listeners eager to discover Khadije’s intricate production, and deeper layers of rhythm and melody hiding just below the ever present drone.

Suleiman’s upcoming album Sawa Sawa, produced almost entirely by Khadije except for one track, is set for release on Astral Plane Recordings on Friday June 24th.

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