The prince of experimental hip-hop in the Middle East, Bashar Suleiman aka Lil Asaf, is back on the proverbial grind in a new track that sees him team-up with Jordanian rapper, Khotta BA. Marking the first collabo between the two Jordan-based artists, ‘Abattel’, changes things up a little in Suleiman’s exploration of the darkest, grimiest corners of rap as Lil Asaf, a unique sound he established with releases like Lal Bazam and Sawa Sawa, EPs both released in 2020.

While Suleiman hasn’t shied away from experimentation, this time he opts to follow a slightly more traditional route with an almost dancehall-inspired beat alongside co-producer and long-time collaborator, MAAL. This being Lil Asaf, though, it’s not quite what you think, with heavily-effected key chords accompanying the unusual percussion, the combination of which can best be described as a perfect muddy base - and there's something utterly entrancing and hypnotic about it all.

Artwork: Mothanna Hussein