Having almost tripped into music, Cairo-based DJ and producer, Assyouti, is now one of the most distinctive, unapologetic voices on Egypt’s scene. A metal-head at heart, time in France opened Assyouti’s eyes onto the true eclecticness of electronic music - something that he’s trying to educate Egypt on.

His refusal to abide by fads and the demands of venues looking to spotlight the lowest common denominator to pull in the crowds is almost second nature. He’s by no means a rebel without a cause - he’s a DJ and producer whose ventures into gabber, footwork, juke and other forms of music foreign or exotic to the local scene have separated him from the pack and, ultimately, all he wants is a healthier, more inclusive and broader in scope, all in the name of music and nightlife.

His original music has caught eyes (and ears) internationally and his performances have turned heads locally, but beyond success, reputation and his grunge-informed flamboyancy is a man who understands and respects the craft - a man who refuses to compromise, as we found out in our latest Artist Spotlight.