Morocco has become known for its vibrant, matured and original electronic music ecosystem in recent years. Festivals, labels, and artists are popping up at an outstanding rate and their quality and drive to bring forward the best they possibly can is unmatched. And out of the many incredible talents to emerge from this creative environment and breakthrough internationally is Mouhcine Zouitina aka Polyswitch. 

Being as evasive and hard to get a hold of as he is, finally managing to secure a set from him was definitely worth the wait. One of the reasons we were so determined to Mouhcine is his incredible drive to purvey vast and eclectic selections of music and blending them seamlessly into an unrivaled auditory experience.

This drive managed to land him on decks in various European venues and an impressive three times on Amsterdam’s Red Light Radio along with a four date tour of China. Mouhcine’s eclecticism makes him a talent highly demanded in many different setting. Just two days ago he was performing at Jazzablanca festival alongside Beth Ditto and Jalen N’Gonda. 

Polyswitch’s Select spans over many genres like breakbeat, electro, house, acid, disco, funk and Italo disco. Not that we expected any different, this melange is what makes him one of the most exciting and highly demanded regional talents today. Naming any tracks or discussing technicalities would defeat its purpose with such, the best thing to do is just enjoy it like the trip it is. 

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