At this specific point of time, house and its subgenres are gaining popularity amongst the Egyptian electronic dance music scene. Whether it lies towards a minimal approach or a more musical one, the genre shares different aesthetics than the commercialized deep house, and is known to be more raw.

One of the earliest DJs who started playing this sound and push it forward in Egypt was Tamer Auf, before he decided to take a one year break. He was known for his execution of perfect warm-up sets, setting the energy on the dance floor without amping it up too much and ruining it for the next DJ. In his year break, Auf shifted towards the promotion side of the scene, and threw a few nights under the name of Audio Damiana, in which he created a special vibe driven by his choice of bookings like Kim Ann Foxman and Shonky.

Cairene DJ/producer Tamer Auf makes his comeback behind the decks with a house set for our select podcast, taking you on a tour through the different alleys of house music. The clubby, the acidic and the musical by the likes of Brame & Hamo, Fouk and Billy Fletcher (there’s saxophone in it too!).

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