In the past few years, one DJ’s name has been resonating in the Egyptian dance music scene, especially at parties set among the mountainous landscapes of Ras Sudr and Daha: Sebzz. He has emerged as Egypt’s downtempo torchbearer; his sound, always steering the crowd into a meditative state, goes hand in hand with his nomadic lifestyle.

After last week’s full-on techno set from Dubai, we got a special guest-mix from Sebzz, whose output was a much slower and melodic voyage. Featuring tracks by Avem, Marco Tegui, Just Emma and Omerar Nanda, the set starts out with an Oriental vibe, including traditional instruments from shakers and percussion to native woodwind instruments, and continues on the same note. This ethereal set will find a slot in anytime of your day, whether you’re driving to work in the morning, or pre-drinking before a night out.

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