Mohamed Ziena is a Cairene bedroom producer making music under the name of Moseqar. His discography is loaded with tracks of something I am somehow drawn to call “chill step." Two years ago, he started Café Sessions; a series of remixes of pop tracks using Arabic instruments such as the doumbek, oud and kanoun. His remix of Rihanna’s “Stay” had the most number of plays, approaching the 1M benchmark. Moseqar is constantly improving in terms of creative ideas, quality of production and mixing.

His latest track “U Belong To Me” is by far his most impressive work. It is a mellow trap/tropical house inspired piece starting with a three chord progression that repeats throughout the whole track, accompanied by glitchy, bended vocals that I could see becoming the new trap/tropical house signature. The percussive element consists of syncopated toms, congas and bongos, infusing the track with some steamy groove. The energy level goes down during the break as strings rise to harmonize with piano chords, but then an arpeggio swells to bring it back that energy right back. It drops with a trap-drum and resonating claps that envelope the track in a spacey feel.

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Main Image courtesy of Mehdi Drissi