The French institute of Egypt is part of a worldwide network of institutions encouraging cross-cultural exchange and cultural diversity in order to strengthen the cooperation between Egypt and France. Their fields of expertise are visual arts, performing arts, music, cinema and sports; the main aspects that define the culture of any civilization.

This year, their emphasis will be on the emerging art scene in Egypt. They will give the chance to Egyptian artists to showcase their work. Therefore, the French Institute of Egypt is launching this year the first edition of their contest “Mounirat Al Fan”, aimed at discovering and supporting young artists dedicated to music. The project will be divided into two stages, where the first will take place in Cairo and the second one in Paris.

The three steps in the first stage of the process are selection, public auditions, and performance. During the selection process, the musicians will be chosen based on the application forms that include a music/video which they have done. Five to six bands will be selected to move on to the second stage and to perform in public auditions at the French Institute’s auditorium in Mounira. Two bands will be selected to participate in a workshop where they will have the chance to develop their musical skills and take them even further by participating in “La Fete De La Musique”, where they will perform in front an audience of twelve thousand people on the 22nd of June.

For this project, the French Institute of Egypt in Cairo is collaborating with the Parisian venue FGO-Barbara, who has a team that will be leading the workshop in collaboration with the Grammy award-winning composer and musician Fathy Salama. The workshop will take place in 100 Copies studio as well as the auditorium of the French Institute of Egypt.


FGO-Barbara will also be hosting the two winners for a two-day residency in Paris that will be followed by a concert dedicated to the Egyptian scene. This is a chance for aspiring musicians who think they’ve got what it takes to showcase their work in front of a French audience and to train in a hefty workshop led by musical icons.

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