In a country like Saudi Arabia that is known for its conservatism to the extent that they banned cinema and prohibited women from driving, throwing a trance party might seem a bit odd. But guess what, the Saudi government is planning to fly in Dutch trance DJ Armin Van Buuren, as part of a bigger plan and series of DJ parties and opening venues.

For the first time Saudi Arabia will witness such an event outside of the Royal Family’s residency (who according to our sources, are die-hard trance fanatics). National Dutch DJ Armin Van Buuren holds a record of hitting DJ Mag’s #1 spot five times, commercializing trance music and playing in front of large masses (and screaming put your hands up). His fees go up to $100K, but nothing is expensive for the Saudi General Entertainment Authority.

The event will take place on June 17 in King Abdullah Economic City, kickstarting the “Vision 2030” program, which seeks to diversify the Saudi Economy. Since the plunge in energy prices, the entertainment business has been seen as key potential source of growth, so hopefully in a few years, their booking selections will shift more towards house, techno and minimal. We’re excited to find out more about the rest of the line-up (who may include some local DJs who have been illegally practicing their hobbies), the dress code and the door policy (is it going to be strictly couples?).