Emsallam is an Amman-based rapper, actor and artist, who is joined by Krist Alzou’bi & Al-Wesan for a brand new music video for "Ijramen Anhen," a trap-dabke single from his upcoming album, Postcolonialism. The energy of the song is matched by the aesthetic of the video, which shows an excited Emsallam dancing a feverish dabke in a Russian snowscape, and Krist Alzou'bi in some Levantine hills. The song itself does not deviate from Emsallem’s tradition of challenging societal norms; the lyrics convey a sense of estrangement from one's origin. "Ijramen Anhen" is also as catchy as it is controversial, and while the lyrics transport embitterment, the beat is definitely energetic and infectious. Again Emsallam proves he has a consistently exciting, edgy and eclectic vision that makes him one of the more exciting artists to watch in Middle Eastern rap. Postcolonialism is bound to be on point. 

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