This Sunday morning in the office, we sat down as normal amid the haze and slight shock of being rousted out of our weekend reveries, and opened our emails. Though the SceneNoise inbox is routinely privy to a high number of artist submissions, one in particular called out, in an eerily hypnotizing voice, saying "Hash'em just released the new hit in avant-garde electronic music." Interesting.

The artist claimed to be interested in our "portal." Towards the bottom of the email, a little video popped up - the artist's single. Actually, it's maybe more deserving of the title "portal" than our platform is. 

On his SoundCloud page, Amr Hash'em describes "Hashtek El NoNo" as "a musical Experiment to make Neo Dubstep music out of sounds found all around the house." He expounds on his Facebook, saying that the track aims to "fight the feeling of boredom people get after listening to their favorite track lots of times."

Though we are not quite sure what it is that constitutes a hit in avant-garde electronic music, nor do we feel entitled to define such abstract parameters, we just couldn't ignore this video or deny it its unsullied creativity. As it stands, the latter is a quality that we have great respect for. 

We just want you to understand the fascinating way in which we started our week, and take a look at what it is that Ha'Shem and his many twins are getting up to in the laundry room. 

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