You might think Miami-based Egyptian rapper and producer Omar El Batawi is channeling his inner Drake with his new release, "Fake Friends." However, the name is the only similarity between the two singles, with Batawi commanding a very different style than that of the Canadian rapper’s in what is a gritty and urgent single.

It’s one of two singles by the young hip hop artist doing the rounds at the moment, and it’s in the second, "Summer," that he really proves his range of abilities by showcasing an emotional side that he couples with a mellow beat of his own production. The song displays a very different side to "Fake Friends," both lyrically and production wise.

Beyond being a rapper, songwriter and producer, Batawi is also something of an entrepreneur, having co-founded arts and events company Leila Entertainment, and some may even remember him as a finalist in Egypt’s Red-Beats DJ competition in 2012. Now with a more eclectic, versatile and rounded sound, it’ll be interesting to see what else he has in store.

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