Having a solid catalogue of releases, Besworx keeps releasing more music made by the talented artists in their roster. The latest one is Plethora, by British Cairo based producer Shunus. Plethora is a deep house EP containing four tracks, each one telling a different story.

Shunus’ musical aesthetic relies mainly on ethereal leads and pads over solid grooves and soft sounding basses.  

The EP’s main track "Plethora" is a great floor-filler with a hefty sub bass and crafty percussion work. Over them is an arpeggiated melody and a spacey pad that adds an emotional dimension to the track. Shunus’ approach in combining sounds and beats always results in a mysterious vibe with overwhelming build-ups and big drops, perfectly defining the Besworx sound.

Follow Shunus on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Follow Besworx on Soundcloud and Facebook.