We’ve been around the block and heard a great deal of electronic talent, and it always excites us when we come across an artist that blends vocals and production expertise. Hailing from Palestine but currently located in Jordan, Bashar Suleiman has been pouring us inky trip hop shots since 2013, starting with his first single “A77a” that leaves listeners knee deep in his brand of revolutionary beats and compete detachment from society’s algorithmic mores.Any trip hop artist of the same caliber understands the importance of abstract capability and its power in shifting one's point of awareness. Bashar does brilliantly in wielding that, as evident in the dynamic and moody "Badakhenich" and the unnerving sound piece "Leaving Beirut." When it’s time for the come down, "Ana 7azina" is a proper accompaniment for the haze - all the tracks call forth goosebumps.Bashar has also collaborated with Cairo’s very own street genius ABYUSIF, the admirable Aya Metwalli and the infamous DIJIT. One of the things that make Bashar Suleiman so intriguing is that his tracks exude an air of intensity, like some sort of crazy shit is about to go down.

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