A few weeks ago we listened to a special set at Nacelle’s House Sessions by La Fleur, who started her professional life as a pharmacist, not long before her name skyrocketed to fame in the music industry. While pharmacy is basically about mixing powders and making sterile solutions, the young artist found her true calling in the chemistry of beats. She is currently holding a residency at one of Berlin’s most known clubs, Watergate. At the current time, the Swedish DJ is focusing on playing kickass DJ sets, hypnotic productions, running her label Power Plant, and taking care of her child. We somehow managed to take some of her hefty schedule to find out more about her career shift, musical taste and what to expect from her at the Sandbox Festival in Egypt.

Take us to the very beginning of your musical journey. Which artists were you passionate about before getting into electronic music? And how did you get into it?

As I remember, my involvement and love of music began when I was six and I started dancing ballet, and from numerous dance classes, the love for music and the understanding for movement to music grew stronger and stronger. I turned out to be quite a music nerd, recording mixtapes for my friends and convincing people to listen to the new music I found. Playing the flute and piano while growing up also helped my musical journey. Before getting into electronic music I listened to The Cure, The Smiths, Sonic Youth, Kent and more. I discovered electronic music a few years later through the French Wave with Daft Punk, etc. Also when I was 18 I could go clubbing and discover the scene more and more.

Do you remember the moment when you took the decision to give up the pharmacy job, and decided to go full-on into music?

It was something that grew over time. It was not a decision that happened from one day to another, I came to a point where I had to choose between a rising career in a pharmacy company or a promising DJ career. I also had the urge to start with my own productions, so I went to Berlin for a 3-month inspiration seeking trip and never left!

Is there anything you find in common between pharmacy and being a musician?

The understanding of mixing. Jokes aside, both jobs can be creative in the terms of making something.

As a DJ, producer, label boss, and a mother, where do you draw all this energy from to be able to put love in everything you do?

I am doing things I love, which makes it easy to put love into everything I do. For me, all those different parts and projects nourish each other and give me inspiration to continue another one.

In your upcoming Outbreaker EP, your two tracks “Outbreaker” and “Devil Sigh” are musically going in different directions. “Devil Sigh” is a straight deep house track while "Outbreaker" is leaning towards the minimal side. Do you think an EP can be cohesive while still exploring different aesthetics?

Yes of course. That is sometimes what makes it more interesting and multidimensional, maybe even eases the need for labelling music.

You came to Egypt earlier this year to play Nacelle’s House Sessions. What were your initial reactions when you got the booking? Did you know there was such a scene here?

I was excited as it was my first time to Egypt, a place I have wanted to visit since a long time due to mythical and scenic places. I did not know the music scene but was happily surprised it was so good and interesting and I had an absolute blast playing!

What can we expect from you in the Sandbox festival?

I am very happy to be back with a bit of knowledge about the Egypt scene and I’m planning on delivering something special for this scenic and striking festival.

Make sure to catch La Fleur's performance at Sandbox Festival on Thursday May 3rd at 20:30 in the Main Stage. 

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Pre-order La Fleur's upcoming EP Outbreaker out in May 14 on Watergate Records.