In the past couple of years, some genres and artists have risen amongst Egypt’s electronic music enthusiasts. Madmotormiquel, Mira and Chris Schwarzwalder are some of them. If you take a look at these artists’ background and the labels they are signed to, you’ll find a significant name behind them, “Katermukke”, one of the leading German record labels promoting the slower side of house.  

On April 12th, Cairo Jazz Club 610 are flying in Berlin-based DJ/Producer and Katermukke’s boss, Dirty Doering, who will be joined behind the decks by Swiss DJ Milo Häfliger. As usual, the CJC team has succeeded in putting together a balanced line-up of locals and internationals, curating a night that will be on point for the melodic deep house lovers.

What’s your musical background? How did your sound evolve since you first started making music?

I started listening to electronic music in the beginning of the 90s. At that time i especially grew up in the electronic music scene from Frankfurt. In 1996 I started being a DJ and from 2001 on I produced my first songs. After moving to Berlin in 1999 everything sped up!

How did you decide to get into electronic music production?

During my first years in Berlin as a DJ, I was working in a record store. These experiences I had there made me decide to start making music.

What does your creative process look like?

I come-up with most of the ideas while traveling, as I have a lot of spare time in the hotels, airports and lounges. I try to put this to good use by putting my first ideas of a song together on my laptop. After that, I go back to my studio and put the ideas together, fine tune them and finish the developing process.

You’ve had many jobs that range from teaching, working in a vinyl store and for Beatport. When was the moment when you realized you can be a full-time musician?

It was around 2009-2010 when I realized that my career was becoming more and more successful. This is when I decided to go for the life of a full time musician.

As a label owner, did you know you were getting into the business side of music, or did it happen naturally?

It happened naturally. One thing came from the other and then you adapt and learn what is necessary in this business.

How do you choose the releases for Katermukke?

I get a lot of music that’s being sent to me and I choose what I like. There is no specific taste that makes me decide to publish something.

Take us through your studio setup.

As I pointed out before, the process starts with my laptop. In my studio I have plenty of little electronic machines that I use to finish an idea. Machines and programs like Native Instruments, Arturia, Ableton push, Maschine Jam, TR-8 and a Moog Sub 37. These are the basic things I work with, but I also always look for more little helpers that complete my set up.

Have you ever been to Egypt? What were your initial reactions when you got booked for one of Cairo’s events? Did you think that there was a scene like this before?

I was thrilled - DJ friends told me about it already! Sure, I think there is a scene for everything everywhere.

What would you love to do in the country aside from going to the Pyramids?

I would like to meet nice people, have good food and learn the way of life in Egypt.

What expectations do you have regarding Cairo Jazz Club?

Like always I prefer not to have expectations before gigs, that’s when the magic evolves.

What should we expect from you in the coming years?

Good music :)

Catch him in CJC 610 on April 12th with Milo Häfliger, with an opening by Sebzz. 

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