For well over a decade, Lebanese singer/songwriter and visual artist Tania Saleh has been forging a unique sound, mixing traditional Middle Eastern elements with those of a modern Western palate, developing a personal sound that has allowed her to stand out in the Middle Eastern scene. 

Her last album, Intersection, was the recipient of the German Record Critics’ Award for the year 2018. It was accompanied by a powerful 15-minute film, which sews together song snippets from the album into short vignettes, paired with relevant imagery. In this project, Saleh paid homage to great poets of the Arab world, putting their work to music. 
Tania Saleh is return to her roots with her new project, exploring the truth that lives in the streets of the tumultuous Arab world. We sat with Tania in Dubai's winter sun, ahead of her performance at Wasla, and talked  about the connection between street art and music, the power and cultural responsibility that lies in the hands of the youth, and how to inspire them to infuse the world with more beauty and peace. 

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